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i like illustrations, posters, cats,
nicolau, baltasar and tiki          

what I can do for you           

I can create a poster for your event wether it’s a festival, private event, movie, theatre, exhibition, etc.. I can also do a portrait for you or as a gift for others, illustrate a music, a text, a book, and idea, you name it and I’ll draw it.

Sometimes I can design visual identities, if I think my visual approach suits your needs.

From time to time I also do exhibitions and there’s always an online store where you can help me grow and buy art. Printed or originals.

latest projects & news          

Exhibitions & Goodies

illustration fair
at selina

Monthly illustration fair at Selina Hotel.
(6th of july 2019)

fashion exhibition
by snail_wear at selina

Curated by Mariana Baldaia.
(7th of july - 2nd August 2019)

tote bags POP


hand draw on glass

the nanny  
70x70 cm. 
posca on glass.

continuous line draw

hand draw on tote bags

tote bags made for the exhibition POP people of porto.

posca on fabric.